The joint venture “WANG DA SAMOREZ” established in 2018. The company among the first in Uzbekistan begins manufacture of import-substituting hard components for fastening of metal products.

The main activity of our joint venture:
  • Production of high-quality hardware, fasteners, bolt nuts of various types and sizes;
  • The annual volume of manufactured goods is 3 600 tons;

The following benefits are available:
- the plant is located only 60 km from the main construction market of Uzbekistan - the city of Tashkent;
- new roads were built from the highway to the enterprise’s warehouses;
- there is a railway line;
- various privileges within the framework of FEZ “Syr Darya”
- Our products fully comply with international quality standards.

Tozhimirzaev Boburmirzo Bakhtiyor ugli
Phone Number: +99894 583-02-00